Project Overview – Start to Finish

Let’s take you on the tour of a millwork project from start to finish.

We want this to be the best project experience of your life!

Ready…set…let’s go!

THE ESTIMATE / QUOTE | How much will this cost?

Tender Process – Many of our jobs are through a tender process using projects listed on SaskBuilds.  We send our quote to the General Contractor(s) listed on the project, then we’re notified if we’re the successful bidder.

Direct to the Client – Often we work directly with the General Contractor, Facility Manager or Businesses Owner to get a project done.

⇒ Give us a call to discuss the job

  • When do you need it done? — we’ll do our best to schedule you to meet your deadlines
  • What’s the scope? — how large is the job — does it include man-doors, window sills, counter tops, or reception units?
  • What materials are being used? — it’s helpful so we can advise if there are any longer lead-times, or if they’re in-stock
  • Where’s it being delivered/installed? — where’s the end-user located –Saskatoon, Meadow Lake, Davidson or Ottawa?

⇒ Who’s doing the design?

  • Supplied Drawings — done by the Architect or a design professional, these are what we’ll do the quote from
  • Design Build — we go on-site to figure out your needs, the measurements, and do up drawings and a quote for you
  • Hand-drawn Sketch — if you’ve got your site dimensions and an idea drawn up (even on a napkin) — we can build it!

⇒ Before April 1, 2017: PST included, GST extra

We include the PST (5% where applicable) in our quote price, whereas GST is extra.  While the quote reminds you, it’s different than other industries.

⇒ After April 1, 2017: Contractors PST exempt / Customers PST & GST Extra

When quoting Contractors, who provide their PST #, we exclude PST and GST is extra.

When quoting the end-user customer, both PST (6%) and GST are extra.

THE APPROVAL | Go ahead, start building

Once you have reviewed the quote, we need your approval…any of these formats is fine with us.

  • An email
  • Letter of Intent
  • Purchase Order
  • Full Contract

SHOW DRAWINGS | This is what it’ll look like

  • We’ll do up shop drawings – detailing the materials, measurements and components of what’s being built
  • We send them to you for your approval (or the design professional)
  • These ensure all the little details are ironed out before material is cut
  • Sometimes this process is a lot of back and forth – but as the saying goes “A picture is worth a thousand words”…or in this case, saves a lot of money


  • All the materials are ordered for the project
  • When delivered, materials are placed in our climate-controlled holding area
  • Some specialty material comes from the US and as far away as Italy, so it can take weeks to arrive…but we do all the scheduling, so you don’t have to worry

CUTTING | Creating Some Dust

  • Actually very little dust is created in this process due to our dust-collection system
  • Sheet goods like MCP, particle board and MDF are cut on our Schelling FH4 computer controlled beam saw
  • The accuracy of this machine ensures pieces are cut precisely and optimize material usage…all saving you money

SORTING | All Together Now

  • As pieces are cut, they’re labelled with the project details and placed on a job-cart
  • The job carts ensure all the pieces for a job stay together and are easily found

EDGING | Finishing Touches

  • Exposed edges on gables and shelves are edged with PVC, ABS, laminate or hardwood
  • Edging is all done by our Holt-zer Sprint Edgebander
  • This machine reduces chipping by pre-milling the edges — providing you a great looking product

CNC | Holes in One

  • After edging, millwork components are moved to the CNC (Computer Numerical Control)
  • The CNC makes holes for hinges, shelf pins, assembly dowels and locks
  • This machine is super accurate ensuring all the pieces go together smoothly and to the correct measurements
  • Custom millwork like receptions and teller lines are cut out using this machine as it can handle cutting curves and complex angles

ASSEMBLY | Where it all comes together

  • All the pieces are all put together using dowels and glue, clamped and screwed
  • Cabinet carcasses are put together with the specified hardware, then they’re clamped
  • Door fronts are then added
  • Drawers are assembled and added to the cabinets

CUSTOMIZATION | More than just boxes

  • Custom items are anything that doesn’t resemble a box, requiring a different manufacturing process
    • receptions
    • window sills
    • door frames
    • display units
    • boardroom tables
    • counter tops
    • wall paneling / features
    • carts
  • These items go to a special area where they’re assembled by our journeyman cabinet maker – custom specialist

QUALITY CONTROL | Checking 1, 2, 3

  • Once an item is built, we clean it so it’s ready for the customer to use
  • We inspect each item using the AWMAC Standards for Compliance – even when not specified – ensuring you get the best possible product
    • review for any scratches or chips
    • test for flushness of edging – don’t want anything catching on edges
    • check the hardware’s working properly – drawer slides, hinges and locks
    • ensure gaps between doors are equal and within tolerances
    • ensure flushness of joinery — one door face isn’t sticking out further than another
    • check for overall aesthetics — is the grain matching, are the colors matching properly
  • We then wrap up each item for shipping to the end-user customer

SHIPPING | There it goes

  • We deliver or crate depending upon the end-user’s location
  • A comprehensive shipping list is included — ensuring all pieces are shipped — like end-filler panels
  • Every cabinet is wrapped separately reducing any potential damage in transit
  • Counter tops are cleated to protect the edges and any seams

INVOICING | The bill

  • Once your millwork is shipped, we send out the invoice
  • We gladly accept cheques, EFT or cash

WARRANTY | We service what we sell

  • Our millwork has a one-year guarantee against defects in workmanship and materials
  • Two-year guarantees are available through the AWMAC GIS program
  • Remember, if there’s a product issue, we’ll sort it out

CARE & CLEAN OF MILLWORK | It’ll last a long, long time

  • Our products are built to last
  • With proper cleaning & care, they’ll last for years
  • We have an in-depth document showing how to clean and care for all the components of your millwork — click here to view



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