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Yes, we believe it can be simple.

No hassles.  No headaches.

Just getting it done on time and budget.

  • We bid in-scope — no adding missed items here and there…no up-charges for ‘missed’ items
  • Quotes are backed up with material & labour costs — no inflated costs — you can see where the numbers come from
  • No nickel & diming — we work with you to get the job done, not as an opportunity to up-charge you for every little thing…so if you need a filler panel to finish an install, consider it done!
  • Yeah, it’s a large cost to us, but a huge peace of mind for our customers
  • We’re proud to have been bonded for over 30 years
  • Bonding ensures the bonded subcontractors are capable of carrying out their contractual obligations
  • Bonding lends stability to projects — reducing risk and costs of construction delays, disruption, liens and warranty difficulties
  • You get what you paid for – we don’t substitute
  • No substitution of lesser quality material or hardware
  • We build to high AWMAC standards (more on AWMAC below)
  • You get a long-lasting quality product
  • We build to AWMAC standards — even when not specified we adhere as closely as possible — ensuring a high-quality long-lasting product
  • AWMAC (Architectural Woodwork Manufacturers Association of Canada) has the AWS (Architectural Woodwork Standards)
  • AWS is a 500+ page building specification guide used by designers, architects and manufacturers — detailing everything from material grade to installation
  • Safety is imperative — the AWS ensures the millwork is safe for the end-user
  • Over the past 30 years, we’ve learned what works (and doesn’t) in our prairie climate
  • Not all products work — we’ll make suggestions based on the end-user requirements
  • Product lead-times too long — we’ll work with the designer to find something on your timeline
  • Site challenges — we work around them and make suggestions to make it effortless
  • Unforeseen issues arise — we sort them out
  • Problems are resolved before product is on-site, so you stay on schedule
  • You’ll end up with the best product possible for the end-user
  • We talk to the Project Manager and Site Supers to see how things are progressing
  • Dates change – always – but we’re not going to be the ones holding up the project
  • We pre-build product – whenever possible – ensuring your product is ready when you are
  • If you need something quick, we’ll give you a realistic date
  • Along the way we’ll let you know of anything that will hold things up, and make suggestions to meet your approaching deadline
  • We service what we sell — during & after the project
  • 1-year standard warranty
  • 2-year warranty on GIS projects
  • AWMAC GIS (Guarantee Inspection Service) available on specified projects — GIS is a national program designed to ensure that project owners get value and quality for their investment.
  • We sort out any issues or faulty materials — it happens — and we take care of it
  • Project Manager & Site Supers – we’re always checking to see how things are going and when product is needed on-site
  • Project #’s & PO’s – we put on all correspondence to expedite administrative processes
  • Project docs automatically sent — you don’t have to ask — WCB & PST Clearances, Certificate of Insurance, Statutory Declarations and Warranty & Maintenance docs



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“Thank you so much for being so amazing during our expansion.  You have helped make our dream a reality.”

Jana Danielson • Founder, Lead Pilates