Ronald McDonald House

Project Location Saskatoon SK
Industry Family Care Home
Contractor Quorex Construction Services
Designer March Schaffel Architects


  • Created lots of storage in the first kitchen area for permanent items and back-wall storage for families to keep their food
  • Developed a community space in kitchen two with lots of counter space that allows families to easily prep meals and get to know the other families
  • Pantry for all shared items like cookie-making supplies and includes a moveable island on wheels
  • Friendly and approachable areas for children including craft room, area near kitchen and computer area
  • Panelling, shelves and storage to keep order in an otherwise chaotic time


“The best part of working with Ranco is the professionalism in listening and understanding our suggestions along with the execution of the final product. They’re one of the easiest companies to work with.”

Tammy Forrester

CEO, Ronald McDonald House, Saskatoon