A second generation family company

It all started by making desks for the government. The kind with slots for the fan-folded-paper for dot-matrix printers and T-edging that had to be applied using a rubber mallet. Weighing in at a tonne, we’re sure these desks are still standing today.

Fast forward more than 30 years and a generation, and Ranco is now owned by Simon Nunn and Chris Ransom. The daughter of Ranco’s founder Floyd Ransom, Chris runs the marketing and operations side of the business. Simon has worked alongside Floyd for nearly two decades, and joined the company pre Y2K after arriving from London, England. The business (and life!) partners are passionate about delivering on time and on budget.

Sure, their kids are young, but maybe there’s a third generation waiting in the hangars…

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We are passionate about growing people, giving back and making clients happy by building the best darn millwork without any hassles.

Simon Nunn

Project Manager + Purchasing

Simon’s been with Ranco since 1999 when he came over from England (he speaks “English, English”). His training in Cartography (map making, which Google now has covered) directly translates into his love for shop drawings and details.

Chris Ransom

Marketing + Operations (AP/AR)

Chris takes care of the back-office, ensuring clients have their paperwork, vendors are happy (paid), and our employees have what they need. Whatever needs to get done and sorted out, she does (with a loud and loveable laugh). Her background in business and marketing, gives her a unique perspective and meaningful insights.

Jay Mason

Project Estimator

Jay’s been with us for 20 years. From manufacturing to managing projects to estimation, Jay understands what will (or won’t) work for your project.